Business DVR Card 16 Channel

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    • Hardware Compressed DVR Card H.264 Compression
    • 704 x 480 Resolution at 7.5 FPS per Channel
    • CIF, DCIF & 4CIF Display and Recording
    • Hybrid DVR will support up to 16 IP cameras in addition to analog cameras.
    • Dual Monitor Support (Multi Monitor Playback)
    • PDA Remote viewing (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
    • Remote Acess through LAN or WAN connections though both Static and Dynamic DNS
    • Advanced searching of video files by date, time and camera.
    • Will support 1080P Resolution on HD monitor (1920x1080).
    • PTZ controls through software (Compatible with Pelco-D and Pelco-P protocols)
    • Allows user to view and control cameras individually or all at the same time.
    • Smart Serach technology for advanced search capabilities.
    • Advance motion detection features.
    • Motion detection masking (Mask out areas of unwanted motion)
    • Still picture capturing built into software
    • DVD/CD backup built into software
    • Most stable Windows based software DVR system
    • System logs
    • Electron Map (EMAP) Shows a blueprint map of where the cameras in a system are located at Instantaneous video retrieval by graphical time line.
    • Remote viewing though both Internet Explorer and remote viewing software and smart phones.
    Design BusinessDVRCARD
    Recording & Playback 480 fps live view
    Live View Display 480 fps recording @ 320 X 240, or 120FPS @ 704 x 480 (D1)
    Max # of Cameras 16 Channels
    Resolution 704x480(D1) @ 120FPS, or 320x240 @ 480FPS
    Recommended Hard Drive 1500GB + Hard Disk Drive
    Recommended Processor Intel Pentium 4 and Higher or AMD Athlon XP and Higher
    Recommended Memory 1GB or Higher
    Recommended Video Card Intel Graphics Card, Radeon, GeForce
    Recommended Power Supply 400 watt or Higher
    Recommended Back-up Device Dual Layer DVD-RW+ drive
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  • main
    Main Screen
    Camera Setup
    System Setup


    Playback Screen
    Smart Search
    Add IP Camera


    Disk Management
    Backup By Time
    Backup File Clip


    Main Client Screen
    Client Settings Screen
    Internet Explorer Remote View