Virtual Matrix

This option allows a second monitor to display 1, 4, 9, 16, or 24 cameras at a time. The image on this second monitor will be independent of the main dvr monitor. If, for example, you had a convenience store and wanted a second monitor that allows customers to see themselves when they walk in, you would use this option.



Dual Display Options

Option 1: Display live view on first monitor (anywhere from 1-64 cameras); 2nd screen is for playback of up to 16 screens of recorded footage.



Option 2: Live view on both monitors: For example, on a 32 camera system, cameras 1-16 (live view) could be displayed on the first monitor, while cameras 17-32 (live view) could be displayed on the second one.



Option 3: One camera (or more) full screen live view on the first monitor, with all remaining cameras (live view) on the second one.matrix4break

Dual Monitor Demo